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  • Hayley Brylewski
  • Hayley Brylewski
  • Hayley Brylewski
  • Hayley Brylewski


Proper training and weight management is at your fingertips! I believe in all clients are different & give individualized weight management programs tailored to your goals. I like to create and designer weight management / training programs for each of my clients on an individual basis. Most other plans are made for the masses. They work on point systems or programs that assume every person is the same. I feel every one is individual and has different needs! Thats why you can achieve goals quicker with personal training.


What ever your goals:

  • Drop in body fat %
  • Add lean muscle.
  • Add Mass.
  • General health.
  • Improve fitness.
  • Improve overall body image.

People often ask me about my fitness philosophy. To me, fitness is a way of life striving to achieve a strong mind and body. My approach to fitness is all inclusive, integrating exercise, nutrition and all-natural supplementation and mental awareness. These things are important for one simple reason-to be physically fit, you must be mentally fit. I believe the mind has so much power over the body. 

Fitness is definitely a way of life and I realize finding the inspiration to maintain fitness can be challenging. I believe you make strides in fitness just like you make strides in life-with hard work, motivation, integrity, most importantly persistence. The most rewarding part of what I do is inspiring others to make positive changes in their lives.

Through my experiences, I strive to help others achieve their specific goals. We can achieve these together! You want results look no further, book a consultation, or contact me for packages available.

These sessions are now available as Home Visits aswell as Gym Sessions.